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Green Development Foundation

Green Development Foundation (GDF) was registered as a Non Profit Company in 2015, although the desire amongst its young team to contribute to the preservation of the environment was borne in 2010. 

As a Level 1 BEE NPC, it has its roots deep in the causes of the Communities where the effects of environmental degradation poses the danger of causing social and health problems. 

Since its inception GDF has gained significant recognition for its tireless efforts to contribute to the betterment of the environment in rural, urban and peri urban areas of South Africa.

At National Government level GDF has a mandate from Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries to plant 1 million trees by 2030. At local level GDF has many MOU’s with Municipalities to assist with the roll out of environmentally related activities.

Latest Projects

Nelson Mandela Centenary

Nelson Mandela Centenary

In celebration of our great leader, GDF is establishing Holistic Health Parks across the country in his honour, reflecting the values, love for humanity and character of the great man.

Enviro Guards

GDF’s Environmental Protection Unit comprises youth from communities who are trained up to become Enviro Guards to achieve waste reduction objectives in Communities.



Water Warriors

Assisting in the reduction of water wastage, our Water Warriors are semi-skilled plumbing trainees that go into action into Communities to help fix leaks and create awareness of water conservation.


Our Beneficiaries

T-SHAD (Tembisa Self Help Association of the Disabled)
Back to School Program
Shelters & Old Age Homes
Mauluma Community - Venda, Limpopo


Are you interested in supporting Green Development Foundation through volunteering?

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Thank you very much for your donation Mobile Gardens- 5 tyres and cabbage, cauliflower and Swiss chard seedlings. They really brighten up the vegetable garden and we know they are doing well. One of the staff looks after the garden and weeds and a resident waters all the seedlings!

The Home is run by the Germiston branch of the SA Red Cross Society and is registered with the Department of Health and Social Development to care for 44 residents. They vary in age from 59 to 94 and may have any or some of the following conditions: Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, strokes and other brain damage, renal failure, severe arthritis, cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, obstructive airways disease, as well as extreme frailty.

Wendy Hahne

Elandsvallei Home for the Aged

T-shad is very pleased and grateful for the relief aid that you have contributed. Since we met you the Organisation has changed for  the better and community of Ward 10 and its Councillor are delighted. The entire area is clean and more importantly about 20 members from poor households are able to put bread on the table through this project.

GDF came as an answer to the needs of T-shad. We can smile and lower the stress level now that we are able to pay rent and stipend to beneficiaries, from the collection of recyclable waste, and we have increased the input & output which is a good indicator towards growth and sustainability of the projects.

We are very proud to have been adopted by GDF and wish you all the best. May God open every door for you to liberate the poor people.

Calvin Mncedisi Stemela

Chief Center Manager, Tembisa Self Help Association of the Disabled

We are sending our heartfelt and sincere appreciation for the good work and positive impact you have left in our community.

The result of this sustainable and august partnership between RAVELE Development forum (Mupo Green Initiative), Green Development foundation and UGO will bring positive growth in the local economy while reducing poverty, improving food security and saving the environment.

Thank you for uplifting and improving the lives and confidence our people in honour of Nelson Mandela during our 67 minutes celebration. I believe we can, when working together, make every day a Nelson Mandela day by always doing work and giving a helping hand to indigent and vulnerable members of our society.

The RAVELE Royal/ Traditional Leadership, leadership of Mauluma community structures, Mauluma community and young people, in specific, love Green Development Foundation so much.

Khosi Vho-Ravele Matzheketzheke 

Chief of Mauluma Community


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